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Harvesting and Seed Collecting, Part VI [continued]
Guest writers, Nadamayi and Phil


Tomatoes ripening.
Some of the harvest.


"The relationship between humanity and Natiure is like the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Our great ancestors understood this. That is why they gave so much improtance to Nature worship in religious practices. The idea behind all religious practices was to closely associate human beings with Nature. By establishing a loving relationship between humanity and Nature, they ensured both the balance of Nature and the progress of the human race... The ancients knew that trees, plants, and animals were absolutely necessary for the benefit and good of humans. The foresaw that humanity, in its selfish moments, would forget Nature and cease to have any concern for Her. They also knew that future generations would suffer due to humanity's dissassociation from Nature. Therefore, they linked each religious rite with Nature. Thus, through religious principles, they could succeed in developing an emotionasl bond between humanity and Nature. The Ancients loved and worshipped trees and plants such as the Tulasi, banyan tree, and Bilva, not because the trees bore fruit and helped them make a profit, but because the Ancients knew that they, themselves, in truth, were one with all of Nature." -- Amma

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