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Sprouted Bean Pancake

Regine wrote from Kinshasa about the dreadful state of hunger and horrible cost of food in the Congo. Beans are affordable but they require a lot of fuel to cook and this makes them unaffordable to the masses. Sprouting is not too practical because the water is not clean enough to eat the sprouts without cooking so I ran an experiment.

In this picture, you see the sprouted Bean Salad Mix after nearly two days. It contains adzuki beans, lentils, mung beans, and radish seeds.

Sprouted Beans
Nearly 48 Hours
Suribachi Beans

Suribachi Mash

The beans were put into a simple suribachi and smashed until sticky but still lumpy. They were fried in ghee with some salt and black cumin for digestion.

Frying Mashed Sprouted Beans

Fried in Ghee with Salt and Black Cumin

Cooking took about seven minutes, four on the first side and 2-3 on the second side.

Awesome and Delicious

Then, the pancake was served with chutney. It was totally scrumptious. Two patties and a heaping teaspoon of chutney more than filled me up and left me feeling very alert and energetic even though I had been a tad tired before dinner. For the second effort, I varied the recipe a bit and put some turmeric and cayenne into the bean mix, but I continued to put the salt directly into the ghee and the black cumin on the upper side before flipping.

Bean Salad Sprouts, 8 oz.





Suribachi Pestle

Pestle for Suribachi, 7 "




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