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Sacred Medicine Sanctuary

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary is a non-denominational church devoted to health and healing. The church provides goods and services that are consistent with the ideals and spiritual beliefs of the church and its members. It is not necessary to accept the beliefs nor to be a member of the church in order to avail oneself of the goods and services provided by Sacred Medicine Sanctuary. These are offered irrespective of religion.

We support religious freedom and freedom of choice in health care and believe that it is vital for individuals to live in accordance with their faith. Failure to do so leads to depression and causes a schism to arise between the "real" and the "ideal."

The choices that relate to walking one’s Path often necessitate delving deep inside to discover the importance or lack thereof of principles that individuals purport to embrace.

Where products are concerned, the Sanctuary makes no claim as to the therapeutic superiority or effectiveness of what it provides. The herbs and/or herbal formulae are offered in the hopes of and with prayers for healing. The formulas are produced in accordance with historic and traditional precepts, not modern science. As such, using the methods of science, they are not necesarily "proven."

Since the Sanctuary believes that healing need not entail harm to other species, it does not condone experiments in which animals are deliberately exposed to potentially dangerous practices. Insofar as possible, all products are also suitable for use by vegetarians. This unfortunately does not include products provided in gelcaps, but the capsules are vegan.

We support the need for integrity and conscience. Therefore, we request that everyone asking for our products participate in what might be called "outcome research." Simply stated, this means that we ask for feedback—in whatever form it is available—as to the effectiveness of the products for the purposes used. From these reports, we hope to develop better service and products.

The Sanctuary exists to provide a service. Those who wish to benefit by the services should consider carefully how suitable the services are to their particular beliefs and needs. We support the freedom to choose what is acceptable to the beliefs of each individual, but we assume no responsibility for the outcome of choices made by anyone exercising this freedom. It is the responsibility of the patient and those closest to the patient to evaluate the products and services in relationship to the patient’s life and needs. We recommend that people periodically assess their responses to their chosen treatments and that they seriously consider changing to other treatments if their responses are not sufficiently hopeful to warrant continued efforts.

Should there come a time when a patient feels it appropriate to consider different products, he or she is entirely free to do so—and because we are interested in what works and we are devoted to truth, we would like to hear back from those who choose other paths to healing.

In sum, the Sanctuary provides a conscious alternative for those whose beliefs dictate a preference for these alternatives. In no way are we claiming or even implying that results will be more satisfactory if our products and/or services are used over some other option. We are providing what we offer as a matter of spiritual persuasion, not medical science; and we respectfully request everyone seeking our services to weigh the meaning of this in the light of his or her own needs and beliefs.