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Ingrid's Tiny Greenhouse

This is the foundation for the greenhouse.

This is a 6 x 8 foot greenhouse from a kit. My advice: if you can afford a higher quality kit, buy it since this do-it-yourself project did not really come together as hoped.

The inside as it is being prepared for serious growing. Note the extremely poor quality soil and racks for small pots and early starts.

Heating Cable, 48 Feet in Length. The cables have a non-adjustable, preset thermostat that automatically activates if the temperature drops too much.

These are ties to keep the cables from shifting since they must not touch each other.

Because of moles and voles, wire mesh (hardware cloth) has been placed under the cables. To prevent shifting of the wires, they are being tied down. The excess has been snipped off.

The mesh is stapled to the wood frame (long side only) and curved over the top to prevent accidental damage to the heating cable from trowels.

Getting there!
The cables have been covered and soil has been put in the box.
Seedlings. The missing pot has been transplanted below.
Growing Fast! Just Three Days Later!

The Bird Seed Box

This is also inside the greenhouse but on the opposite side. It is not heated.

Knowing that some will ask, the total cost for the kit, lumber, braces, heating cables, and odds and ends was less than $1000.