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Hanne's Garden

Growing Vegetables in Denmark

I would like to support Ingrid and emphasize the importance of growing your own food as far as possible in order to maintain heath.

For many years I have been growing vegetables biodynamically. As I have little time for this and can easily buy fresh organic vegetables from a farm, I just grow a little for the wonderful taste of completely fresh vegetables.

In Denmark, many of us hold the wish that the huge industrial farms (which unfortunately own almost all the land of our island and ”grow” pigs as in a factory and cows too) should be divided again up into small farm and each family can produce their own food so we would not be poisoned by pesticides and waste products from the animals which are also unhealthy to breathe.

I would like to show how we do it on very poor sandy soil.

 Love from Hanne Oustrup

Inside of the Greenhouse

Tomatoes and Cucumbers in Containers with Water and Soil
Side View
Potatoes and Beans
Raspberries and Asparagus
Black Currants
Salad Greens, Onions, and Carrots
Fruit Trees
Different Types of Basil
Potted Basil Plants
Tulsi Vana (wild, high eugenol variety)
Tulsi Kapoor